Music has always been a big part of my life. At the age of 8 I joined a local drumband. Several years later my brother and me started our first band. My brother was also the one to introduce me to the blues (though as time passed, several other people would actually give me the blues 😉). I have been on board of quite a few bands, comfortable behind my drumkit. I have even landed a part-time spot as professional drummer. Selling myself to top 100 music was part of the experience too.

I was taken out of my comfort zone while being in a band in need of a singer. I took the challenge and moved from backing vocals behind cymbals to be a lead singer. From then, my voice and my limbs each went their own separate ways 😊.
I went on musically through the years: rock suited best my drumming style, while with singing I have been moving from songs of the sixties, to soul and from rock to blues.

In 2015 I met some great musicians, we started The Silver Dimes and had a great ride this far!
This time I made a new leap: composing. It started with doing it for the band (coming up with original material or contributing to the ones in development) and became a creative storm . It unleashed a passion for composing my own music.

With the limitations of only vocals and drums I searched for a way to lay down my musical ideas. With a Roland Octapad and my one finger keyboard abilities I made my first attempts (including ‘She’s Gone’). More recently I discovered DAW software and virtual instruments, which gave me the possibilities I was searching for. Now I can finally play the guitar myself (virtually)! Combining real vocals and drums with virtual instruments, I finished ‘Lap Dance’, my first hybrid album. The journey continues, the road lays ahead and now am I currently working on the next release.